Astrid Nottmeier appointed CEO

Sydney, NSW – 18 April 2024 – The Bellator Group Australia ( , a leading financial services company, is delighted to announce the appointment of Astrid Nottmeier as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 16 April 2024. Astrid, who previously steered the ship as Chief Operating Officer, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership to her new role.

With a career spanning over two decades in the automotive industry, Astrid has held senior positions on retail executive boards, where she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic vision. Her extensive background in automotive retail, combined with her tenure at Bellator, uniquely positions her to lead the company through its next phase of growth and innovation.

In her previous position as COO, Astrid played a pivotal role in driving operational excellence and fostering a culture of innovation within the organization. Her strategic vision, combined with her commitment to the company’s values, has contributed significantly to the Bellator Group Australia’s success and growth.

Commenting on her ambitions, mission and core values, Astrid elaborated “Our mission isn’t just about delivering products or services—it’s about making a meaningful impact on the lives of our customers, partners, and communities. Every decision we make, every action we take, should and will be guided by our unwavering dedication to creating value and driving positive change.

Our core values—Empower, Partner, Innovate and Thrive—serve as the foundation of everything we do. They are more than just words on a page; they are the guiding principles that shape our culture and define our identity as a company. We will never lose sight of the importance of upholding these values in every interaction, both internally and externally”.

On her appointment “I am honoured and excited to take on the role of CEO at the Bellator Group,” said Astrid Nottmeier. “I am grateful for the opportunity to lead such a talented team and to build on the exceptional work and achievements accomplished prior to my appointment. Together, we will honour the foundation laid by my predecessors and will continue to innovate, adapt to market trends, and exceed the expectations of our clients.”

The appointment of Astrid Nottmeier as CEO marks an important milestone for the Bellator Group, reflecting the company’s dedication to promoting internal talent and empowering leaders to drive positive change. The board of directors expresses its confidence in Astrid’s ability to lead the Bellator Group to new heights of success.

About the Bellator Group

The Bellator Group is a dynamic conglomerate committed to excellence, innovation, and growth. By empowering flagship brands like ODIN within its portfolio, the Bellator Group solidifies its position as a leader in financial services and drives positive change in the market, whilst delivering excellence and exceeding client expectations.

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