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We might be one of the newest business lenders in the market but that doesn’t mean we lack experience. In fact, our team of lending specialists having over 40 years of combined experience and are back by a credit assessment team who understand all the intricacies of business finance.

What sets us apart is our innovative combination of technology with quality customer service. We utilise the latest technology to create bespoke business finance product and offer a same-day finance journey. Rest assured, everyone single person who deals with ODIN will receive the same high quality service that you would expect of a contemporary lender.

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If you’ve never worked with us before, it’s very likely you will have some questions about the service we offer and how ODIN customers can benefit. Check out some of our more frequently asked questions below before getting in touch.

Once an application has been submitted, and all the details are correct, our credit assessment team can deliver a loan offer within 2 hours. Even better, the approved funds can be deposited within 3 business hours.

We offer non-asset back business loans from $5k-$600k.

We can provide as little as $5k or as much as $600k, depending on the customer requirements.

We don’t actually have an interest rate, we have what’s called a Factor Rate. Your Factor Rate will be based on Loan Risk. It’s determined by many variables such as industry, time in business and your payment history. It’s a fixed cost on borrowing the funds.

Our flexible loans can be used for:

  • Business expansion
  • Equipment purchases
  • Promotional activities
  • Cash flow boosting

We do review both the business and the owners’ credit reports to identify any factors that may impact the loan assessment and repayments.


We have designed our loan portal with one idea in mind – to make the process as simple as possible. Our application form takes just 5 minutes to complete, whilst our dashboard gives you everything you need to know with just a quick glance.



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