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An ODIN small business loan helps small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to get where they need to be. This could mean funding future business expansion plans, financing a range of new equipment or the office fitout, increasing the budget to effectively promote the business (advertising/websites/etc.) or simply providing the necessary injection to boost cash flow.

Business Loan Features

  • 从$5k到$600k的贷款
  • 简易的申请程序
  • 当天资金
  • 没有最低信用额度要求
  • 接受默认值

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Quality customer service

Expand Your Business

When those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ business opportunites come along, it’s important to be ready! Our business loans can help provide the finance necessary capitalise on the opportunity and take a business to the next level. Through ODIN, business owners have access to up to $600k with flexible lending criteria and same-day turnaround.


Whether it’s a new office fit out or a factory machinery upgrade, our business loans have you covered. With loans ranging from $5k to $600k, you’ll be able to get the right equipment for your business without the need to spend your cash reserves.

Promote your business

Building brand awareness is crucial to success of modern businesses, especially in this digital age. This usually means a marketing budget, which isn’t an easy thing to set aside for growing businesses. An ODIN business loans can give you the cash injection needed to get the brand out there and bring the business in.

Boost your cash flow

More often than not, it’s cash flow issues that spell the end of small businesses. As short term finance specialists, our business loan solutions help SMEs get over intermittent cash flow issues and allow the business to continue growing.

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